At Daly Middle East we provide specialist Hazardous area equipment where the potential for fire or explosion exists because of the specific location and surrounding atmosphere. All our products comply with the stringent IEC, ATEX or UL standards for explosive atmospheres caused by gases, flammable fibres, filings and dust particles and have temperature ratings suitable for the hot and humid Middle East environment.

Daly Middle East work exclusively with partners that represent the best in class technologies in their sector. This means working with high-quality manufacturers where we can be sure the solution we offer is going to represent long term value for money. The high level of quality supported by long term guarantees ensures you have the most relevant and qualified product for your exact requirement.

In hazardous area lighting, this means working with companies like Raytec, SA Equip, Q-Aviation and Nightstick who are committed to product development, the latest lighting technologies and staying ahead of the field with their solutions.


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