Lighting Survey

With direct experience of both the industries that we help, and the technologies that we offer, Daly Fluid Technology’s Lighting Surveyors will stringently assess the lighting features required to provide your operation with the most safe and efficient lighting solutions.

By investigating the delivered lumens required (usable light after losses and wasted light), alongside the mesopic vision & mesopic effectiveness to enhance your safe working, we will be able to commission a bespoke lighting plan which uses the most ground-breaking lighting technologies to deliver a reliable system with energy and CAPEX savings.

Woking in partnership with our trusted lighting partners; such as Raytec, SA Equip, Nightstick, Q-Aviation and EXIN, Daly Middle East are pleased to provide the most pioneering and durable range of bespoke luminaire solutions.

Please contact to further discuss your lighting needs, or to find out more about Daly Fluid Technology’s Lighting Survey provision.