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Tempmate GS2 Single-use data logger for real-time measurement of temperature, humidity and light.

The specification of the instrument includes a temperature range of -30?C to +70?C, with an accuracy of ?0.3?C for temperature and ?3% for humidity. The memory can store up to 24,200 readings with a maximum logging period of 60 days. Log intervals can be set from 1 minute to 60 minutes, with a default of 10 minutes. The device has LTE 4G connectivity with 2G fallback, a polycarbonate case, IP65 rating, and weighs 130g (Lithium variants) or 175g (NI-MH variants). It can be started and stopped up to three times with a total logging period of 60 days, with start and stop modes available through button press, USB, or Cloud. Validation certificate can be downloaded from the Cloud. Dimensions are 103mm x 64mm x 23mm.