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SL62T / SL62T-A Miniature Temperature Data Logger (-40°C to +85°C with up to ±0.12°C Accuracy)

The specification details the features of the SL62T data logger, including its power source, battery life, measuring range, accuracy, resolution, memory capacity, weight, response time, waterproofing, delayed and triggered start options, software alarms, food-safe construction, material, dimensions, warranty, and approvals. It uses a Panasonic BR1632A battery, has a measuring range of -40°C to +85°C, and can store up to 9500 readings. The data logger is waterproof and can be programmed to start logging at a specified time or temperature threshold. It is constructed with food-safe Zytel FGFE5171 Plastic and comes with a 1-year warranty, meeting standards such as EN 12830, FDA CFR21 177.1500, and EU 10/2011.