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SL56T / SL56T-A Miniature Temperature data logger (-40°C to +85°C with up to ±0.12°C Accuracy – Large Memory)

The specification details the features of a data logger with an internal battery that has a battery life of four years and two months. It uses a Panasonic BR1225A battery and has a measuring range of -40°C to +85°C. The accuracy varies depending on the model, with default calibration points at -25°C, +4°C, and +40°C. It has a resolution of 0.5°C in low resolution mode and 0.07°C in high resolution mode. The data logger can store up to 125,440 readings in low resolution mode and 62,720 readings in high resolution mode. It is waterproof with an IP55 rating and has a response time of 90 seconds for a 63% step change in circulating air. The data logger is made of 305 stainless steel, weighs approximately 3g, and has dimensions of 17mm diameter x 6mm high. It comes with a 1-year warranty and complies with the EN 12830:2018 standards.