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SL53T / SL53T-A Miniature Temperature data logger (0°C to +125°C with up to ±0.12°C Accuracy)

The specification details a temperature data logger with an internal battery that typically lasts five years. It uses a Panasonic BR1225A battery and has a measuring range of 0°C to +125°C. The accuracy ranges from ±0.1°C to ±1.5°C depending on the temperature. It has a resolution of 0.5°C in low resolution mode and 0.07°C in high resolution mode. The data logger can store up to 8192 readings in low resolution mode and 4096 in high resolution mode. It is waterproof to IP55 standards and has a delayed start feature. Software alarms for high and low temperatures can be set, and it meets UL#913 safety standards for use in hazardous locations. The device is made of 305 stainless steel, weighs approximately 3g, and has dimensions of 17mm diameter x 6mm high. It comes with a 1-year warranty.