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SL52T / SL52T-A Miniature Temperature data logger (-40°C to +85°C with up to ±0.12°C Accuracy)

The specification details of a data logger include information about power source, battery life, battery type, measuring range, accuracy, resolution, sample rate, number of readings stored, weight, response time, waterproofing, delayed start capability, software alarms, intrinsic safety, material, dimensions, warranty, and approvals/standards. The data logger has an internal battery with a typical lifespan of five years, uses a Panasonic BR1225 battery, measures temperatures from -40°C to +85°C, has different accuracy levels for different temperature ranges, offers two resolution modes, stores up to 8192 readings, weighs 3g, has a response time of 90 seconds for a 63% step change, is waterproof with an IP55 rating, can start logging at a specified time up to 1 year in advance, includes software alarms, is intrinsically safe, made of 305 stainless steel, has dimensions of 17mm diameter x 6mm high, offers a 1-year warranty, and meets EN 12830:2018 standards.