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SL51T / SL51T-A Miniature Temperature Data Logger (-40°C to +85°C with ±1.0°C Accuracy)

The specification details the features of a data logger device with an internal battery that typically lasts eight years at +30°C. It uses a Panasonic BR1225 battery, has a measuring range of -40°C to +85°C, and an accuracy of ±1.0°C. The device can store 2048 readings, has a resolution of 0.5°C, and a response time of 90 seconds in circulating air. It is waterproof with an IP55 rating and can be started logging up to 45 days in advance. The device is made of 305 stainless steel, has a warranty of 1 year, and meets various approvals and standards including EN 12830.