Daly Middle East are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the accident-prevention experts at CableSafe.

Bringing 40 years of first-hand supply experience within oil & gas, chemical, construction and power generating-industries, the family-run founders at Westmark BV Group launched CableSafe to offer simple-yet-effective safety equipment; custom-made for demanding and dangerous work environments.

“With both of our companies focused on providing the most reliable, user-friendly and high-performance products, we are thrilled to now include this tried & trusted range within our portfolio. The introduction of CableSafe’s Safety Nets to our safe-working lines, means that clients can easily secure, enclose and tether overhead fixtures- preventing any item at height from falling when its primary attachment fails. Featured within the Top Ten Frequent Accident list in many workplaces, we feel this simple-yet-effective addition adds a welcome expansion to our portfolio of safety products.” explains Jos Versteegen, Technical Sales Manager at Daly Middle East.

For more information CableSafe and our new range of products to enhance safe-working, please email: jos.versteegen@daly-me.com

Please explore our new range of CableSafe products here

Safety Net CableSafe