Thirteen wall-mounted UltraTWIN controller each measure two tanks across a variety of vessel shapes including
horizontal dome ended tanks split into multiple compartments. Compact ultrasonic transducers with solvent resistant faces provide the measurement.

HMG Paints is an independent paint manufacturer, with a specialist portfolio of industrial coatings that cover everything from aircraft to commercial vehicles. Many of the coatings and other additives are solvent based, and the wide variety of solvent stock is held in two tank farms. Before the Pulsar equipment was installed, outdated and unreliable ‘bubbler’ type level measurement was in use, each gauge requiring to be pumped by hand before a reading could be taken.

Pulsar supplied UltraTWIN controllers, each fitted with two chemical-resistant ultrasonic transducers which were mounted into the top of each vessel. Pulsar Product Support Engineer Tom Edwards commissioned each controller after installation by the site. He said “I adjusted the calibration of the UltraTWINs for an accurate measurement, by correcting for the speed of sound in each solvent vapour.” The systems automatically convert the level reading to read out in litres, applying a calculation based on the size and shape of each tank. Graham Sedman, Site Engineer said, “The Pulsar equipment makes monitoring the tanks very straightforward.
We’re really pleased with the reliability and accuracy that we are seeing.”

The UltraTWIN controllers are mounted in cabinets by each tank farm, protected by Zener barriers. HMG also purchased the optional Modbus interface and Pulsar UltraScan software so that they can display levels and see at a glance the level and most efficient reorder point for each material.